Shooting luxurious cars in Jeddah. Safe protection is a & # 39; refusing to say (Video)


Jeddah – Hani Al-Thubaiti – Harmony:

Operators circulated video car social networking sites that were burned in the Al-Naeem area in Jeddah, which was completely destroyed.

The video showed that the type of Audi was in the # 39; car, was burned by a person who carried a woman's cloak, and poured out a firefighter, and then put fire on him.

In context, "Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed al-Qarni", former civilian spokeswoman in Jeddah, followed "Lieutenant Colonel", to verify the latest developments, but he refused to give, to & # 39; explains its decision that it is not allowed, and that the police are the sovereignty.

It is indicative that he has returned to express cars to attack the division of Jeddah, after the security forces have taken two people – about two years ago – the person who had been arrested, committing these crimes.

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