Shopping centers Sunday Work: Do we learn from pole experience? | Business


The Seimas in March promises to consider prohibiting sellers to work on Sundays and holidays. A survey conducted by trade union unions in the summer saw that 70 percent of the population agreed that no reservoirs would work on a Sunday.

The knowledge of his & her; Poland shows that the ban on Sunday work did not benefit as much as expected. Businesses from Poland and employers unions say, according to their data, that several miles of small shops had to close.

According to the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawieck, the government analyzes the situation and will decide in the future what the next thing will do. LRT RADIO co-worker in Warsaw Nijolė Druto says there is more evidence that this procedure failed in economic or political terms.

"Experts say that while the law was aimed at helping Polish small-scale businesses to prevent the competition of foreign capital trading networks, the retail retail chains – Lidl and Biedronka – those They have done this in a variety of low low stockings every Saturday. They teach the Poles to shop on Saturday, making it possible for shops to do so. ; Sunday work can be made without customers, "said Drut.

Small retailers in Lithuania welcome the smallest shops most likely to be in. suffer from entering into a fans. Large buyers believe that the situation is so bad, and trade unions support the belief that unemployment is on Sunday.

An investigation of the Polish population shows that two-thirds believe that there is a " Limit trading on Sundays to break freedom as consumers. In some European countries, such as Sweden, Germany, stores had not worked on a Sunday for a long time.

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