Short … طرح بنزين 87 .. and a new law of mineral wealth


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Come again … Gasoline 87 .. and a new law of mineral wealth from the Masress site, on Sunday 18 November 2018.

Short … طرح بنزين 87 .. and a new law of mineral wealth
The Minister of Petroleum presents 5 files facing the ministry

Mohamed Bahairy Published in the production group on 18-11 – 2018

The Ministry of Petroleum considers the introduction of a new type of petrol (87), and did not appear to engineer Tareq Mulla, Minister of Petroleum on the date of his & her; This statement suggests that the two Electronic Petroleum and Cooperation companies will launch a special gasoline 95, from the beginning of December to a 90% broadcasting rate Gasoline gasoline 95, a & # 39; The name of the type of gasoline is "Egypt Extra 95" and "Premium 95".
Al-Mulla named at yesterday's press conference at the office of five headquarters
Important files to be considered by their ministry, and # 39; including the International Mining Conference on Minerals Resources and the future changes to mineral wealth law, saying that the changes will not affect the Mineral Resources Authority entity and the aim is to he has attracted investors.
The Minister of Petroleum: The current law is a & # 39; barriers to investors, notably what is the law No. 198 of 2018.
However, Egypt is able to achieve concrete measures in implementing the mining strategy in Egypt,
We will inform the road once and the new changes will be made.
He said: Since 2014 new investments in mineral wealth, because it is limited to exclusions, only say that mines are not good, except for the sugar mine.
He continued: "The Ministry realized that the errors were familiar with the places where they were unfair to confirm the contract." He said: "The important thing is that we do not want to promise the need for what we are criticizing." But the statutory framework will be disciplined, which encourages Arab and foreign investors to attract, emphasizes the "Dahaba" that excavates gold in the outermost part of our eyes and that the state is try to bring them into the right system Do not go abroad.

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