Short location, gold price increases


– – The price of gold today 22/11 in the world moves to an inch level up to the sharp rise. The US dollar is cautious but is not due to more stormy demand.

Today's 21/11 gold prize: America is cautious, affecting the gold

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Open at 8:30 am on 22nd November, the price of gold was built by the Doji Jewelry Group at 36.45 million dong / tael (buying in) and 36.55 million dong / tael (on sale), unchanged Both sides were bought and sold compared to the late afternoon in the previous session.

The price of gold at SJC was 36.43 million VND per pair (buy) and 36.61 million VND per pair (sold), unchanged on both sides to be sold and sold compared to the late afternoon of the 21st of November.

At the 22/11 morning (Vietnam time), the price of gold was 1,223.5 USD / ounce.

There was gold for delivery in December of Chomex in New York at $ 1,227.5 per cent.

Today's price is 6.1% lower (USD 79.5 / oz) compared to the end of 2017. The world's gold price is 33.9 million USD per amount, including taxes and taxes, about 2.7 million dong / lower than rural gold.

Gold pride today 22/11: rare situation, price increase gold

The world's gold prices continue to behave even though they are still in the world. going on. The US dollar was aware of being aware of the US financial authority, but it did not fall as a result of flooding demand for storms.

The dollar is relatively constant because investors search for a safe base between stock markets, and including US stocks that were damaged among illnesses over US-China trade.

In the previous session, the Dow Jones business average fell over 500 points and all of its benefits were eliminated from the beginning of the year.

Reservoirs tend to stay away from a dangerous and dangerous property. Finding dollars that are considered as safe places like the dollar.

In recent days, the dollar is under pressure from the US Army Reserve (FED). The central bank of the US said that the objectives for the US economy were not clear and precise and that means that the Force Reserve reserves interest to review.

Reservoirs are now waiting for the US-China campaign before the meeting at the end of the month. At the top of the World Emergency and Development Economies (G20) Group, which will be held later this month in Argentina, the US President Donald Trump is expected to meet China's President. Binh to consider two-dimensional trading situation.

The gold rises because the water and oil were closely linked to oil that was erased again through strong servicing from OPEC provision. Previously, the oil had a sharp fall.

On a rural gold market on 21/11, Most of the gold stores are 9999 gold in the country 10-30,000 compared to the previous session.

At the end of the trade session on 21 November, a SJC group was registered at the DOJI Jewelry Group at 36.45 million for all purchases (purchases) and 36.55 million dong per side (on sale). SJC Gold Saigon Jewelry Company Record at 36.43 million VND / tael and 36.61 million / tael (sold).

According to Doji, its home market is still very dark, it is not very attractive to investors. The majority of market partners are small-sellers, and most of the gold sales businesses.

V. Minh

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