Shortly on the important time of Brexit, the US dollar hit back in the not


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The US dollar weakens compared to the British currency, that is the not. Expand market values spot from the supplier MetaTrader 4 the platform trade forex all over the world, the nowadays is trading at 1.31874 / US dollar trading, more strongly than yesterday's closing position (1/28/2019) at 1.31699 / dollar level the USA.

Shortly on the important time of Brexit, the US dollar hit back in the notPhotograph: GBPUSD M30 (MetaTrader 4)

The note was reinforced ahead of an important time for Brexit. Today, Theresa May attempts to persuade the MP to be abolished from her & # 39; clause back in the Brexit recommendation it has been agreed with the European Union.

Previously, a clause back in fact, a member of the parliament opposed to rejecting the Brexit recommendation. Of course, back the clause that will be granted if the UK and the European Union can not agree to a trade agreement in the transition period of 21 months after Brexit officially started in March 2019.

Reserve done to prevent it from being there a hard border between Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK) and Ireland (who is a member of the European Union).

Reserve becoming a problem because there is uncertainty about the implementation. It could be granted forever, although Britain and the European Union had continued to agree agreement with a trade agreement.

In addition, back making a different relationship between Northern Ireland with the European Union compared to other parts of Britain. It is considered that this threatens the unity of Britain.

Hopefully the change will trigger the clause back and if the European Union wants again discussions with the United Kingdom, it is recommended that the clause be removed back So, the worried Brexit Deal will be avoided.

At 22:00 WIB, the draft Board of the US users' calendar for the January 2019 is published. If the data succeeds with equal rights or estimate at least, the US dollar can be able to; return the note.


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