Should Klopp be in Europe and run to & # 39; The Premier League?


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It's happening …
Keep the door, the scousers "on a year" come!
Matt, MCFC.

A for Keita
Keita is turning to the player I thought I put in. Against Burnley it was so horrible and I thought I was going to bed & # 39; I might find it there. Today it was very famous; The way he hit people to find a place and how he made the ball so sexy.

Our best of all is just amazing. Milner's special credit today wants to make a good idea of ​​class all over the world. Alisson is just brilliant. I saw someone in the mailbox last week that argued that the best thing in the league is and I'm going to do it; Think about the current form that is truly true. Please hope it will continue.

Salah getting a terrible season. Please hope it will continue.
Minty, LFC

Am brace …
Indeed, I really hoped that Chelsea would be good at tonight, but in particular I feel like a dog who was a dog; ran on his own tail and kept his capture. I've been completely deleted and I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable. A feeling too early to be at the top, it would be a bit; This prefers after 38 games appropriately but faster.

To a certain extent, Tuesday is very interesting. If the team appears Moreno you know where Klopp's focus is true. Genuinely if Klopp wants to put European stomach on the dice and run the league then that's so beautiful to me.

It is clear that Agu City was now missing by Aguero's completion. It is not a harassment; Take Kane, Hazard no Salah out of Spurs, Chelsea or Liverpool individually and none of them would be quite similar. Sterling is amazing but I think it's not enough clinical ready in those disastrous times. inside the box. After that great opportunity to go to & # 39; I got a score in the first half and I had a & # 39; Feeling that a more natural finisher would have been better.

I already know that the Ev is going out until their tail is thrown this week and so they have no hopes that they can do this in Man City CRISIS – Although I'm sure they are currently.
Minty, LFC

Intercultural Excellence
1) Super class in a coach from Kloppo over the two games that could be so difficult. If the promise for wholsesale changes was made for the Burnley tour and this followed by the distribution of key areas (the right and Firmino post) against Bournemouth. It is almost unlikely that Kloppo has learned from this spectacular game to Sunderland in January 2017 with the same 48 hour team after going to play. beating City.

2) As F365 said earlier, the 4-2-3-1 was gradually introduced by Klopp, initially for the small games only. It has only been seen on a more sustainable basis since the end of the final international bankruptcy.

Bredanians are familiar and he has shown Bournemouth. The players were much more comfortable with their members and they were tied together much better than in the # 39; Most games are this season.

The main decision to make Klopp is to continue to & # 39; Creating that for the next two great home games against Naples and Man United.

3) He also helped Salah to show the same swagger as he did from the past season. He put out all of his footmen as long as they were going. Looking to get it out quickly behind Bournemouth's defense. Fabinho was very successful in the post without 6 and this allowed Firmino to be closer to Salah and allowed them to work together.

For me, this is Kloppo's idea behind the turnover to allow Firmino and Salah to be our main goals on our attack according to the final season where we are also responsible for Firmino.

4) Finally, it was very important that their Town hit just to show that they are not easy to understand because everyone is think.
Sid, LFC, India.

We need to talk about Kevin. And Sergio
Large game plan with Sarri. Chelsea was very much on hanging on her & # 39; first half, which highlights its & # 39; town and giving some opportunities when they came. They were really focused on & # 39; closing the small units on the edge of its box that allows it to Town to go in wings behind to put crosses.

Everything that is said, this was a game where she was; City of Bruyne and Agüero left forever. You have to think that Agüero was there to push at least one of the first half balls that sink through the 6-yard box.

De Bruyne's Largest Grounds, however, especially when its overall control was over. Town in the first half. There were items that resembled everything that needed to kill the same man through a member or a strike from the top of the box, two KDB's and two; specialized. It was very similar to the Chelsea game last year in that way.

However. We have been playing all of our step-by-side games without one of the top 5 best players in the world, 7 of which 7 are away. Liverpool looks good, but they are definitely a range of benefits that they should be attracted and attracted they should be lost. If you do not want to lose a mobile and lost push, these are the points that were left to & # 39; town.
Ryan, MCFC

King Caesar
Around the game I had made a big mistake, losing where they tried at least, it's not like last year's matching platform when Chelsea had just gone over for a home, two barriers of 4, without a & # 39; growing or leaving their half. So, to win 2-0 there is a foul fool, thank you! His home was worthy of much more. The best, most attractive, and although I do not remember it well and I lost the replay, the corner would have to have the second Chelsea gone out to hit a visitor definitely?

How good was Azpilicueta though? With De Gea's decline, there is only one Dave that is now saving. Sterling gave him a hard time all over, but he dealt with everything. Main events include a & # 39; get something on her arms outside Sane, and my best, and her; stop attacking the box, and as the ball goes out of the air, it seems, it's out for a corner, Azpilicueta will be able to go to the box; launching the line and sending it & # 39; member for throwing. So determined, Chelsea's people must be over the moon that he has signed a new contract. Miann MOTM in my opinion.

There is still a jury outside the most expensive warden in the world. It seems that it's close to Christmas and nobody knows whether it's good or does not suggest that Chelsea's protection is a great deal. do it right, maybe someone who is aware of statistics can respond to us?

Kneeling knees
It does not have a huge benefit; I've never been proud of the performance of a Premier League with her; My club, it's probably a moveback time but I like the roilercoaster we're on!
Mikey, CFC

Pogba propaganda
It's very awesome to see how many supporters have been in & # 39; buy on the propaganda Jose mu Paul Pogba. It was booed for him when he came to arms … incredible!

For the past few weeks through his ideas to the media and his personal person, Duncan Castles. Jose has been said to be a virus in Pogba, who is not working hard enough and especially why we were so bad. This is the breakdown of the months attempts to break his star player, a player who bought it! For a reason that makes sense to someone but Jose.

It is clear that they are playing Pogba next to players who can not cover 2 covers (Fellaini, Matic and Mencominay) and then A complaint about not playing 2 emotions is very tough. We have seen with France that Pogba can play the deep position but it needs to run against us, which we do not have clearly. Due to lack of coach and confidence of our player, our invasions stand like images or want to; wall to his feet. Units of United Unions do not have the same way to agree with Pogba's "attack, attack, attack" earlier on this season and many times this season, we saw that It's our best defense to attack.

It's hard because Pogba seems to have looked at the mind for the season and who can be blamed. It has been a personal target for failing managers. From his comments from the World Cup, to the stories that Jose sank down to carry Pogba in front of her; rest of the team, the issue of the training field. It must be a sense that Jose is a manager!

Unified fans need to remind Jose to fall out with Hazard, Ronaldo, Ramos, etc. The list is & # 39; going on. In his last cataclysmic season, Jose tries to bring his players down into the mud with him. I hope Pogba will bring out José as the rest.

Eventually, Fergie never wanted Pogba to go and try to get rid of him, even put Evra and Rio to his house to convince him . So we can stop this speech, "Leave Fergie and how he knew it was a bad apple"
Longsight Lad (can we remember for return return Jose)

In the last week's Post Box, some Arsenal fans say that Mac was a " trying to win the penalty against their team, and recommend that these Spurs players use. One person was even inserted saying that Pochettino was a player's training to go to # 39; jump!

Yesterday Arsenal THREE got players for comparing in one game.

The time is all.

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Pre-empting Ed
Sorry Ed, but Palace is f * cked.
Stewart, Chicago

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