Should Vietnam be able to choose the challenger in the # 39; final?


Many people want: Should Vietnam be avoids Thailand in the basics decisions? Most certainly, most of them will not. Try to make a choice, the best China Fine to meet Thailand in the last game. There is little difference between the two teams at the moment, but if the two strongest teams to meet in the finals there will be pity. Unfortunately for his competition. It is unfortunate for one of the team that they miss to & # 39; final if they avoid each other.

The problem in Vietnam is now the right to choose. Vietnam is not the best record. In addition, we will continue on one day B table and therefore there is no right to choose challenges. Instead, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore have a choice of Vietnam or in Vietnam; final.

Vietnam has no fear of any opponent

Vietnam has no fear of any opponent

Believe that, the three teams in Thailand, Philippines or Singapore do not want to meet Vietnam too early. If you need to choose Malaysia, Myanmar or Vietnam, they will not choose us. He was not too slow, but he found Vietnam as one of the strongest teams. We meet us, many of the dangers of the challenges themselves.

With Vietnam, when you have no choice, you do not have to consider anything. Meeting with Cambodia in the last round of phone. Telephone: & # 39; One goal is to win, to & # 39; A beautiful and safe win to encourage the next round. At the same time, this Hang plan needs a plan for the whole force. And to meet the next non-important enemy, as if you want to win, you must be fortunate enough to win the obstacles.

Thinking about the challenger is too much; means we are not confident in our strength. In addition, the players can break down instead of preparing for their favorite game.

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