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In the end, the logo has been launching two sketches for attracting customers to the first model of its Electric Modular Kit Drive. Four-door coupe design makes fun and rich lines very spectacular.

Car without handling

The iV view has a 22-inch diameter, best made wheels, a very strong rock board and a cup-like decomposition to deliver an athletic view. The tornado line is special that has a face and back link; car to show the clean, unexpected landlord of the doors. Looking at shark windows, cameras that look like shark windows can be found instead of a traditional outline of a traditional story.

At the Geneva Motor Show, it offers a check car Škoda VISION iV
At the Geneva Motor Show, it offers a check car Škoda VISION iV

The design of a car nose is determined by the redesigned version of the broader spiral Škoda, which is combined with crystal-shaped design elements. The flat light strip is on the top of the air and the air bases; emphasizing the fun exploration of the survey. The fascinating sculptures of the tail design that provide a powerful view of the simple simple component elements of the simple light flap and LED flap. They redesign the Škoda C shaped light graphics and, together with the light stripe above the backmaker, and # 39; heightened the width of the car. The extraordinary part of the back is the name Škoda, where each letter is red.

More than ten electric modules by 2022

Year 2019 is & # 39; means that Škoda enters into the world of enthusiasm. 124 years after the company has been established, the Czech swimmer includes the conversion of SUPERB PHEV plug-in and the CITIGO direct electricity conversion. In 2020, the first production model comes based on Kit Drive Modular Electric. Over the next four years, Skoda will cost up to € 2 billion over new transfer systems and new transfer services, and by the end of 2022, more than ten electric modules will be available in the bootier of the Czech.

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