Showcase reason to & # 39; women who were hired to hang themselves in the house of their city chair


Related to the 16-year-old girl who was hanged in a house; chairman of the town of Bac Yen, the head of the People's Committee at the Bac Yen (Son La province) said the police of the area co-ordinated with the units after receiving the information A case related to field inspection, to explain the event of the study.

The victim is designated as G.T.D. (born in 2003, the Big Clan group lives in Ta Xua commune, the Bac Yen district, Son La province). Due to a sad family situation, he went to the Bac Yen township to give food for more than 2 months.

Talk about the purpose of her & # 39; Behavior, said the head of the Bac Yen area, because there was a conflict between the previous girl and parents. She would take a day off in a restaurant to go home but the parents did not agree.

"Perhaps this is why I'm angry and thinking, this nest is a special situation, living with her father and mother step." The leader of the Bac Yen area said.

Home Chairman of the town of Bac Yen - where the 16-year-old girl was hanging himself. Photograph: CTV

President of the house of the Yen Bac – where the 16-year-old girl hanged himself. Photograph: CTV

According to this officer, the house where the event happens as a family chairman of the People of the Bac Yen People's Committee, is under a business dinner; first floor. Little small business so that the family can only get girls working. The homework process, homeowners are a good non-malicious cure; causing problems, preventing anything for girls.

On the afternoon of November 20, when everyone in the shop rested, D. the rope hung.

After examining the scene of the identification of victims of suicide, Bac Yen district authorities brought the body to relatives to take him home to look after the incident.

Le Ngoc Lam, Chairman of the Yen Town Bachelor's People's Committee, said: "When I learned that I was really awful, I could not think it was happening again at my home. "

According to Lam, everyone loves everyone because of his homage. "My mother went down to eat my house. Two months ago, Mr D. stated that he had three wives, many children and grandchildren D. learning at grade 8. He was at home and wanted to apply for a child to help with the restaurant, When big, the contract will go further, "said Lam.

Then Mr agreed. Its day work is to help the family with fuel, potan and pansan.

The president of the town said D. was not an unusual physical signal before this, and that was not clear about the matter.

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