Shower 2018 Meteor Shower: The show is a fascinating hunting star


The amazing Gemini flower goes back to the high spear over Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

The famous and highly anticipated meteor shower will happen around the same time every year when the ground is go through debris created by an asteroid.

Stargazers can expect to see up to 100 meters or shooting stars & # 39; hour in the storm.

What is a Geminid meteor shower?

Geminid's meteor shower occurs in December as the ground passing through a debris route from 3200 Phaethon.

The meteors do not shoot lattice & # 39; as a result of small hedgehogs, in some cases as small as sand grains, entering the upper Earth's environment at around 130,000 miles and its; light up the night as a quick light strip.

It is known as Geminid's groaning because it seems that the media are comes from the part of the spectacles associated with the Gemini rebels, although the 3200 Phaethon asteroid is causing them.

When and how can I see the meteors?

The meteor shower began on December 4, and runs until around December 17.

The ground will enter the deepest part of the asteroid debris on 13 December and 14.

Half-moon this tour is around but it will fall down at the midnight competition and will not take the look after that.

Whatever you are in the world, it's the best time to watch about 2m, although they can be seen from sunset to sunrise.

And indeed everything depends on the weather. Clouds can totally suspend your opinion.

Just add warm and out and spot on the night's air away from clear home lights and light pollution, and look up.

Give yourself an hour of time watching because the media tools can come in and are often translated.

If you see Geminid's meteor shower send us your videos at là[email protected] or on Twitter @ MENNewsDesk

How do I design the meteors?

It will not be easy to capture the meteors because they are " travel over the sky as they move so fast.

You should try to get as far away from normal light – there is too much light pollution in the center of your home.

Then you want to wait to set its moonlight (around midnight at this time of year) – that's when the night is in the dark.

Then you need a good DSLR camera with a square lens, silent batteries, tripod and cable distributor (to take the picture without affecting the camera's camera).

The width of the lens is wider, more than the sky you can bring, which maximizes your chance of breaking the shades.

You then have to use a long presentation – at least 30 seconds to get dark refrigeration and capture some clear stars and, with hope, shooting stars.

At the top of the Geminids, you should be able to catch something with some test and error.

If you leave the opencase much longer, you start to see the stars that; getting worse when the ground is harmonized.

An interesting fact about the space cliffs that hit Earth every few months

If I do not have a DSLR camera, can I use my smartphone?

Yes, you can. You need a tripod to keep the camera steady and cable distributor – there are apps that allow you to print & # 39; cable volume to use the fort.

You will also need a long-term application such as LongExpo or Time Exposure.

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