Shower Shower Meteor 2014: See more than 50 soldiers' stars every hour


The Geminids are considered to be one of the most spectacular meteor shows of the year, with a maximum of 120 meters per hour, which is 13 December or 14, depending on your weather.

When will it be high?

The Geminids started on Tuesday, December 4, and will be around Monday, December 17.

The maximum Geminid meteor matches occurring over 13-14 December when it is usually higher, you can see more than 50 soldier stars every time.

The Geminids are considered to be one of the best and most reliable meteor shows of the year, with hunting stars that are very common with increasing trains.

The meteor shower will close the waters up
Meteor bloom Gerimidates the waters up

Why is it special?

The Geminids are different to other meteor shades, such as the Gemini media from asteroid, instead of comet.

One of the few meteor shades that are visible from each of the north and south ends. The asteroid debris is three miles long, known as 3200 Phaethon that is the sun-squeezing.

As the asteroid is very close to the sun, the heat will be great; making the rocky surface scratched together. Parts will go and go to; travel behind him.

And then, every December, the ground will cross the orbital path of the asteroid and thus this area is flexible; hitting on our air, burning up and down; creating streaks of light.

Most of the meters are not just in sand size.

Where can you see?

Although they appear to be out of Gemini, the weights can appear near any place in the night sky.

So you do not have to be specializing in the Games ban.

Give yourself 20 minutes or so to allow your eyes to be changed to the dark. You do not need any special device.

It's best to get rid of light pollution & # 39; of well-lit urban areas and to find a very dark sky skyline of the night. Take a chair or a paddle blanket and add warm.

If you want to build pictures, you need a correct camera and tripod rather than just a smartphone.

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