Shower Shower Meteor, Comet to place it


Most of the years, December will & # 39; offers an amazingly light-shaped show in the sky, called scientists' enthusiasm as a Geminid meteor showcase.

This year, the wild show is set up above Thursday night and Friday, and on Sunday with a visit to 46P / Wirtanen, the best comedy from Earth this year.

The comet can be seen on the tormented eye when he travels before the Sabbath. according to Sky & Telescope magazine, it will also be one of the 10 nearest footpaths on Earth since 1950 and the closest approach to the twentieth leg dating back to the ninth century.

The comet was first seen in 1948 by US troops, Carl Wirtanen of Wisconsin.

Although Perseid's meteor shower in August is more familiar, the scientists say Geminid's best shows the best performance of hunting stars.

Geminid will be prominent in each half and south end.

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