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On November 17, TP. Vinh (Nghe An) is still searching and & # 39; Motorcycle carrying cyclists at motor driver hands Nguyen Manh Lau (28, who lives in Vinh Town) on 8/11 in the area. Hungarian Ocean Market.

Share with reporters, victims of Nguyen Manh L. commented, his prize is still very painful and is still in a position; dealt with at the General General Hospital.

Camera images disappeared after the driver's hands were dropped by the cameras around.

Mr L., after the incident, said the police at TP. Vinh came to work with him three times. During work, he has transcribed all that happened.

Mr L. wishes to & # 39; Capture what was cut into hands to be handled strictly by law.

Fuiling L. more, after cutting into the hands, subjects that ride on a motorcycle are always at a time; Holding the knife to escape from the scene. However, some of the security cameras of the houses and shops around recording clearly the image of this item.

Mr L. is still being treated at the hospital.

"This item was escaped but the photograph was taken again." The police took the video to capture the image of this item.

Police also told me that there was a number of plastics that went out to a time when the incident occurred. This sea is a residential vehicle of Chia Dan Ngữ Ngữ.

I hope that the police will be able to accept it; this matter quickly according to the law, "said Mr L. and said he thought that the event was unacceptable but that it could. Pre-orders have resulted in a competition business.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Huu Cuong – Deputy Public Security. Vinh said the unit is still going to analyze its & # 39; case.

This thing is running away, a & # 39; carrying a knife and asking you to build on his motorcycle on the scene.

As reported, at about 10h38 on November 8, Nguyen Manh Lanh will go to; The supervision of her husband's car market from the parking lot, which is going to go to # 39; Strive to pack a motorbike in front.

After her conflicts, Mr and his Miss L. went out of the bus and broke the two sides above. In anger, Mr L. gave a parachute behind a bicycle riding young man.

Before angry anger, a motorcycle bicycle moved to the nearby restaurant to catch a knife for hard hitting Mr. L. Anh L.'s hands and then; Use a box but should not & # 39; run against and go to the emergency room S-

Doctors said that a 7cm cut was hit, which cut four fingers and weird. In addition, victim L. also broke bones of his boat.

The police continue to & # 39; case study.

According to Gia Hung (Soha / Young Knowledge)

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