Showned Chinese University with News on the First CRISPR Mountains


It is not the usual way that scientists who are fond of saying that they describe the world; attack the world, but Monday, left Jiankui video and # 39; announcing that he created the human beings in the world in which genes were edited by the powerful way called CRISPR. He had also talked to the Associated Press about his investigation, and says that a girl's daughter was born with her first genome prepared by a man.

The report was disturbed with immediate concern and disturbance with its scientific community. It attempts to make changes to embryos genomes made through IVF; So their genetic changes will be taken to any future generations. What's larger, most experts in CRISPR do not make sure the technology is ready – or safe – to deal with people.

"With the current genome editorial technology at this time, I welcome to include edited recreational … to meet the safety criteria of the requirements First of all, "Feng Zhang, one of the co-founders, said CRISPR and the Broad of MIT and Harvard Institute reported in the report's response to the report. "Not only do I see this so dangerous, but I'm also very worried about the lack of transparency about this test."

In 2015, prominent members of the technology-aware scientific community, including Zhang and other co-founder, Jennifer Doudna agreed from the University of California, Berkeley, were free to stop investigating a & # 39; Using CRISPR in human situations because the safety and long-term impact technology was too insecure. The researchers support investigations in which CRISPR is used to improve cures that would affect cells that will not be given to the next generation – ie anything but egg and sperm – but say Further research is needed before CRISPR is used to make changes in a genome that can be transported by generation after generation.

Although it does not currently allow the human embryo DNA in the US, in 2017, requested the international committee of the National Academy of Sciences to be able to; let the minister and his / her; CRISPR tests are allowed in humans, under strict control, to deal with rare genetic diseases that can not be treated in any other way. In the U.K., the official inspection of CRISPR in human corpses in 2016, but these habitats will not be transmitted to be tricky by; grow fertile. These tests will require the depressions to be destroyed after a week, as the safety of technology remains unclear.

On the other hand, it has been the forefront of creating a & # 39; The first human child born with the CRISPR edition. He is a faculty of the University of South Science and Technology in Shenzhen China, but in a statement issued in response to his videos, the university said that he had paid unpaid leave from February 2018 to January 2021 ; officers did not give reasons for leaving.

"This event has been a great deal for the University and has moved rapidly to reach Dr. Jiankui for clarification," said the officials in the statement. "The study was carried out outside campus and not reported to the University or Department [to which He belongs]"The statement said that the university" believed that Dr. Jiankui Behave in to & # 39; Using CRISPR / Cas9 for the preparation of human embryos is a great deal of breaking on academic modes and codes of conduct … The University will require international experts to create an independent committee to explore this event, and The results are distributed to the public. "

CRISPR, which was first described in 2012, provides the most detailed and most effective way of generating human genius by scientists by using the " generating bones or genera and by allowing the genome to repair itself or to; researchers are able to apply new genetic material to correct illness toes Post-Afternoon But surveys suggest that the control of CRISPR in human cells remains a challenge; In some cases CRISPR may be able to; cutting non-visual parts of the genome.

In his promotional video, he tells about a & # 39; focus on CCR5 gene, which helps the virus to HIV; going into healthy human cells He worked with seven heterosexual couples in which the HIV partner was HIV and the women of HIV were exhaustive. After the couples to create embryos through IVF, it used CRISPR to cut CCR5 compliance, expresses it with the hopes of doing it; make the mind that is not as dangerous for HIV disease. He says that 22 interests, 16 showing signals of successful CRISPR success, and 11 were introduced, and # 39; meant they were pregnant with a twin-born baby born in November. One friend, in accordance with E tests, showed that both copies of the CCR5 gene he inherited (one from her mother and one from his father) successfully, and the other couple ; shows that one version of the gene was changed.

That contraction, in which some of the cells are completely altered, disturbed from their cell; In this case, it would mean that a woman would not be completely protected from HIV disease as her sister. One of the reasons why researchers are worried about the report. Usually, science milestones are stated in scientific magazines with a detailed description of how the researcher worked with data supporting their bids. Without such documents, it is impossible to verify whether the girls confirm that there is a successful CRISPR edition or not.

He, who created two companies based on his studies, gives his conclusions at the International World Citizens' Second World Collection, and will definitely focus on a number of questions from The largest generation science is present.

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