Shows jokes from the world's best gamekeeper after a serious mistake


It is likely that the Belgian international keeper Tibo Kurtua, the latest survivor of the game, followed the Russian team inside the Cup group. Europe 2020.

Corteau was kicked out of social network platforms after a fatal error to give Russia the balance after Belgians had been 1-0, before Eden Hazadre and two other Red Devils targets. the first three points.

The Red Devils opened scoring after a series of short games from the middle of the stadium to reach 21-year-old Yuri Telemans who shot outside the place on the right of the gamekeeper. not stop.

The Russian team, which organized a two-minute competition after a fatal error by a Cortois gamekeeper, did not put through an Artem Dziuba hand, delay the member to Denis Cherchev at Valencia, which he lost at the 16th minute.

Leader Hazard led the team as a result of a highly successful move from Yuri Zhirkov into the region in the 45th minute.

In the second half, Hazard sent his second and third aim to the country after Teleman crossed the region, but Mitchi Patchway was unable to control him, reaching the Chelsea player who hit the net. 88 minutes.

But it is likely that the non-Cortois influence of Belgium which brought the FIFA Award from the Year Player will bring the laughter on the social networking sites, especially Chelsea fans, not to mention the recent winner His forgiveness so far has left the club and left to Real Madrid to leave Sport "GAOL".

If Cortois tries to make Zinedine Zidane, who has returned to the club, his degree of comparability with his team, especially as the French coach is attracting a Costa keeper t Rican Clever Navas.

The past year was full of happy Cortois events and in Belgium he won third in the World Cup and won the best prize, moving to Real Madrid.

But Cortois has been criticized for his tough Meringue career, with the former Santiago Solari coach wanted to be the main guard, and people are expected to be on the spot next season if Navas is due to be on the spot next. perform well in the rest of the Primera Liga games.

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