Shukir: Continuing the President of the Republic's campaign to establish a Arab bank and make decisions of the Republic; roof


The Higher Committee held its & # 39; organized a Community Economic and Social Development Community Gathering meeting at Baabda Palace, where members of the committee were present from a variety of services involved in the implementation of the " roof.

The head of the Higher Committee, Antoine Choucair, spoke a speech in which he spent the work of the committee and the ideas made during his practical activity. He said that "the successes have been the most successful steps in its own format and material". A Arab Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to help each country that has a " affecting Arab countries and people in recovering the situation and their presence; contributing to their sustainable economic growth, and in addition to continuing to set out the objectives set out in their future. Gathering in coordination with the offices involved and the Commonwealth of the Commonwealth League of the United States. "

Subsequently, the Committee members spoke after and gave their opinions and suggestions, and provided a financial report on their expense.

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