SIA, train pilot pilots from the Vistara Indian aerial


Photograph from Wikimedia Commons

Twenty-two pilot of Indian aircrafts and training with Vistara with Singapore Airlines and Scoot.

In January 2019, 12 certificates from Vistara have already started their training for Boeing 787.

It is expected to train the pilots for 12 months with SIA and Scoot.

Vistara aims to expand its domestic routes and soon to launch international media

A spokeswoman for Vistara said that the pilots would go through a "strong election process and meet the Singapore regulatory licensing requirements" for the training.

They ensured, although Vistara pilots were flying with SIA, the expansion of a SIA fleet would not affect the flight hours of officers; current policy.

Vistara is 49% of flights with SIA and Tata and Sons.

In 2017, SIA added £ 100m to Vistara although profits are not expected for the air until 2020.

Gain of pilots

It was reported in 2018 that SIA lost around 180 of its pilots that were protected to Chinese and Middle East clubs.

Stories say that SIA bullets are leaving for other companies; offer better salary and benefits.

Other bullets have retired and new people have not been replaced yet.

Netizens added this recent development.

Some were saying they were foreign pilot recruitment and air staff as SIA is trying to cut costs.

Others say that the pilots of Singapore need to be prioritized before entering into foreign countries.

Although some internet users expressed xenophobic boundary views about Vistara's pilots, others chose to focus on their profile. a growing job among Singapore's.

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