Sidhu a Cricket, Soldier Amarinder Singh Minister Pulwama Remark


Amarinder Singh, prime minister of Punjab, said that Sidhu must be aware that he was boarded by Pakistan's visit.

Sidhu a Cricket, Soldier Amarinder Singh Minister Pulwama Remark
File portrait of Punjab CM Amarinder Singh and minister of Navjot Singh Sidhu. (PTI)
Chandigarh: Coming to the legacy of the headquarters of the Congress, Navjot Singh Sidhu – who got himself in the eye of the storm after his comments on the terrible attacks of Pulwama – Amarinder Singh, the prime minister of Punjab, said that. Everyone has the right to speak up to Sidhu to explain his position.

Amarinder said that Sidhu had to be aware that he had boarded with a Pakistan visit. "

"I was a cricket in Sidhu while I was a soldier, and the two have different ideas on things," Amateur was named as the IANS journalist .
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"Sidhu does not understand his loyalty in terms of protection and may have taken him without friendly," said the prime minister, saying that "his intention was not to be against the country and he needed the message ".
Sidhu had drawn a flak with his opinion that a country can not be responsible for terrorist actions, which were designed to support Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan (an old cricket story) despite the New Delhi settlement to work for Pakistan's remoteness; Pulwama invasion.

On Monday, Sidhu welcomed the reporters to sign up "anti-national" on the Pulwama attack and said that these people should tell who Jaish-e-Mohammad was the head Masood Azhar to Pakistan in 1999.

"Those who are being induced to talk to them should tell the people about who gave him (Azhar) to Pakistan. They (BJP) had been doing those years to get it," he asked.

Sidhu described the Kandahar controller event in 1999 when the Jaish foundation was released by the NDA government led by Vajpayee as passengers from the Indian Airlines IC-814 to was captured and taken to Kandahar.

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