Signs, how long is it & # 39; survival and remedies. When he arrives


2019 cold flu: symptoms, how long & longs and treatments. When he arrives

2019 flu vaccines

The expectations were reinforced: in the first half of January, many militants have been raptured to have a " coping with your flu vaccine and not to be infected. Contrasting with the gastroenteritis that we often take to & # 39; flu. The Influnet report was published by the Istituto Superiore di Sanit guide.

"In the 2nd week (from 7 to 13 January) of 2019 sharp increase in inflammatory cases, although the examples are still at a low level. The level, in Italy, is equivalent to 7.1 cases per mile. Children under the age of five have a huge impact and 15.0 cases in each mile are helped. The number of cases considered in Italy this week is equivalent to around 431,000, for around 2,246,000 total cases "from the beginning of the survey."

Before exploring what symptoms and remedies we can remember is that disease is caused by influenza diseases that are infected. affecting the airways (nose, neck and lungs) without being disguised by the gastroenteritis profession, as described above, also the influence of calves.

The most common symptoms of influenza are: rising suddenly on high fever, coughing and stomach pain. And, however, headings, swords, losses, throats and bitter neck often accompany it. flu, as well as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

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It is clear that fluctuation can vary from subject to topic. It is almost no more than ten days, but there may be more times in people more physically fragile. That is children and adults over 65 years. How the Ministry of Health website says "they are more at risk in worst problems or causing their basic state".

2019 bone disease or gastroenteritis, what is the disease? and healing

In a special case, with a & # 39; case term gastroenteritis refers to stomach and / or small and large disease. It is virus-determined. Common symptoms of those who have a flu like to cause a tear, a & # 39; diarrhea, disease and pain in women.

Some small steps for treatment are recommended. These include relaxation, to be & # 39; Wash hands often and take food under control It is definitely easy to contract the virus by going to # 39; Talk to people who have been affected by their & # 39; virus or corrupted food or by affecting things that use its & # 39; virus already.

In any case, it is recommended that you contact a doctor who, on the basis of the marks, can lead us to special and appropriate remedies. Avoid self-care, especially if you are in a position; choose to take a medication without being involved in consultation with specialist medical staff.

Finally we want to stress that the flu is known as affecting children and adults. The event is bigger in winter months of the year and especially in the coldest months that are almost always in December, January and February.



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