Signs, how long it lasts and cures


Fever without fever 2019: marks, how long it lasts and cures

How long will the flu survive without a fever in 2019

In most cases of winter season, flu is most likely; trying many of the Italians every year to stay in bed for a few days. In general, however, It is a mental illness that should not be very popular, even if it happens without increasing temperature.

Flu without 2019 fever: maybe it would be a chocolate

Of course, Flu can also occur without fever – what answer does he have? body to disease – but with many other symptoms; the latter will often appear at the same time in the case of a & # 39; flu. These include sore throat and coughing, headaches and disorders, but also splitting, problematic, unsettled, disorders and breaks.

That said, it's good to clarify, especially if you're really cool for a few weeks, you may not have a hit, but suffering some of the galleries. Even the adherent philosophy can, on the other hand, increase in temperature; in a short time, the fever. Therefore, it is always good to consult your doctor about what is believed to be the simple effect to prove if it is an overcrowding.

Failure to Fever 2019: It is always treated in the same way

An effect that does not see its own symptoms shows that an increase in temperature is treated less or less in the same way as a sionndrom influenza that is infected; happening with fever.

So, the first command: rest. During illness the body is under pressure, to avoid other territorial features; allows him to cure faster. Second rule: always keep hydrated. However, better to avoid coffee and drink and want to add water, warm milk with honey, Heat plants with lemon is ginger.

Even eating "light" – the classic apex brot – which helps the bodies again to strength. Drinks and foods based on it Vitam C they are constantly praised. Finally, it is good to reduce the management of drugs and only take antibiotics under medical guidance.



Last modified: Sunday, 10 February 2019

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