Sile: Cencosud is the worst of the worst year since 2008


With a dollar rising in Argentina

Until this year, the stock lost 31.67%. Last Friday closed at $ 1,224.1. From its company to & # 39; emphasizing weight reduction

Cencosud is about to quit its worst year since 2008.

Not going to happen, if 2018 had come to an end last Friday, Cencosud would have been on the phone. The worst year of the last financial complaint, published

And that's up to now this year is coming to an end, the action is going to end; loss of 31.67%. Last Friday last week at $ 1,224.1, rented was much lower than the 8.46% that the IPSA fell to date this year.

Although the shop has a difficult year in general, Cencosud has a " stand out among their peers because of the impact of Argentina's diminution of its trans-Andean activity, stress the results.

The truth is that the value of money for the national money was a huge impact on its equal opportunities. And this may continue to get to & # 39; worst year in decade.

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