Silicon Valley does not have an international trade?


Tuesday, 11/20/2018 16:30 PM (GMT + 7)

As leader of the most prestigious company in the world, Apple Chief Inspector Tim Cook agrees that Silicon Valley has come at the right time.

Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley is always regarded as a cheap place for "fastening and breaking everything". However, over time, those freedoms must still have a specific framework. According to Apple's current director, Tim Cook, the rules for a "inevitable" technology industry.

Silicon Valley is now free of charge. - 1

Apple Chief – Tim Cook.

One of the main problems of Silicon Valley today is that technology giants such as Apple, Facebook and Google have a competition for their & shaped their work in society today. By providing tools and services to users, these companies are in a position; affecting the way they receive information and their. slowing the interaction with political issues.

Silicon Valley is now free of charge. - 2

Facebook has a huge impact on users.

Therefore, those companies need to work out to improve their power. Indeed, the "Apple House" had to face the FBI directly to protect consumer privacy during its persecution; Google also has to respond to queries about search engine censorship working in China and Facebook have greatly influenced the choice in the US and Russia.

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