Simeone suggested Ronaldo, Juventus, Griezmann's coach for tired words


– The coach Diego Simeone congratulates Juventus and the recommendation of Ronaldo, and Griezmann is tired when the atrocious Atletico run was defeated in the second half of the Champions League tour of 16, making use of Two aims to downstream.

Atletico Madrid played Juventus with the victory of steering 2 goals in the first leg, but during the night he was accompanied by Ronaldo (ha-trick), Griezmann and his "acquaintance". the best-known pitch in the region, with the final result being 2-3 feet 2-3.

The Simeone Ronaldo coach, Griezmann praised for tired words
Simeone said that there was no other way to keep the hat down in these shortcomings

Captain Simeone was unable, although sad to attend, but to congratulate Juventus: "Atletico was not removed as a result of bad weather, but because Juventus played very well. Congratulations to Juventus who have taken a great attack.

Juventus won and deservedly deserve. That is the truth. We make mistakes but they are better players. Ronaldo is the world's best player. It can take amazing events on nights on evenings. "

The statistics show, with Atletico managing 38% of the member and the target didn't hit, there was no corner. Griezmann admits, Juventus has crossed the levels in total compared with Ateltico and he feels … tired, he's not sure what I say about this bitter loss.

The Simeone Ronaldo coach, Griezmann praised for tired words
Griezmann could not believe that the team had a great night and lost the quarter-quarter C1 ticket in a bitter way.

"On a dark night, we didn't play the style we wanted. I am the first person to be responsible. I did not do enough to make a difference, because the rhythm and Juventus team were better than all levels. He was a shame.

I don't know what to explain. The Juventus played extraordinary and it was a devastating night. Every player feels bitter at his own pace. I don't know how I can comfort my relatives …".


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