Šimonytė spoke about personal life: there were some who were well-educated


"I can not accept such a person, but I'm not sure I can still do it. There's still a lot of time," said Šimonytė about the second half of the show .

The candidate for the headquarters office showed that candidates for his heart were also the ones she received. "Still, but these conclusions were brought badly, because it's not just your life, it's the life of two," said Šimonytė.

A member of Seimas has appeared if he was going to climb, he would have a fairy tale, part of the building that, according to the old traditions, coming to the decline of his daughter. "If you have a girl at home, you will give her to the girl when the girl goes out, because she needs toilet, cups and other things at the start of the farm, not just a good friend. This is an understanding, – said Šimonytė. "Well, if I was going to get married now, I still had to do something."

I. Šimonytė is rarely talking about her family, but she does not. LNK told her about a mother with poor illness, the disease came when she was only fourteen. "He has been suffering from arthritis by sound since 1988. It is a bad attachment virus disease that destroys all connections and makes a person completely disabled, "said Šimonytė, who lost his father ten years ago.

"There's no iron at all. All thoughts are coming up. Sometimes the bad thing, sometimes the most challenging quiz, can arise in such cases: why am I? Even & # 39; If it is reasonable, I find that this question does not mean, I still want to myself, I can not avoid it, "said Ball of the Seimas.

A member of the Seimas Ball, who is ill for the tenth year, can not be in the care of himself; "Be a man with almost no hands or legs," said Šimonytė, saying that this is her family. "When people sometimes say that Shimonytė does not have a family, I can only smile all the time because I'm my mother and I have many responsibilities and worries, maybe more than the average person who is raising two children . "

KK2 journalists also said that Mr. Šimonytė had little money. Ownership in possession is the cost of the parents' flat. "It's important to me now that I have to sleep and where I'll eat tea in the morning. Now, it's very important that I have enough contracts for my mother's care," said Member of Seimas for her needs.

In air LNK I. Tell Šimonytė about clothes, beauty and leisure exams. "When I find a larger riddle, I'm up to the floor and pull me around until I get a while," said Šimonytė.

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