Simple steps will help you to maintain a healthy heart Battalion


The human heart is open to many causes that affect its health, but there are simple steps that can be taken to maintain a healthy heart.


Chronic colasterol can obstruct the articles that feed their nutrients; heart and brain, increasing heart attack and stroke.

What you do: A blood certificate must be done regularly to see your cholesterol levels, and work with your doctor if you need some of the changes to be made in your diet or medication.

Heart rate during relaxation

The average heart rate of a person with 60 to 100 bitter remains per minute, but there may be an adverse effect on stress, hormone and medication.

You need to recognize your heart rate during a period of time, which can save your life, because you will have experience of your natural degradation and can find any unusual changes in the early stages.

What you do: Make sure your level of heart is relaxed, maybe it's a & # 39; The first thing you do in the morning before you get out of bed.

Cardio exercises (aerobic)

Aerobic exercises will help to improve the heart and its; build sustainability. Evidence for the last three decades has shown that low levels of cardiovascular integrity are more at risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Studies have shown that lower exercise can risk dementia, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and even some of the cans.

What you do: Consult your doctor or fitness to assess the ability to maintain the heart of these exercises. To increase your cardiovascular veracity, you can use or cycle cycling.

You can also use any type of exercise, which increases breath and heart level, to enable & # 39; heart, the body in general, to build steady. It is important to start those actions gradually if they are not.


A "silent weight" is called a high blood pressure because there are no obvious signs that can easily be marked. If left without, it may be a major threat to heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

What you do: Be aware of your numbers (blood pressure) and what you mean, and make sure that you take regular measurement to identify any unusual changes.
Blood sugar level

Blood sugar levels can change according to the day and your order. High blood glucose or low blood pressure can have a low impact on your limit and cause triggering and spelling; harm your vital members.

What to do: Type 2 diabetes is associated with obesity and physical non-activity, so proper diet and exercise can develop the chance to improve or slowly improve their progress.

Circle circle

Some experts believe that the body fat is a better way of measuring a body rather than a distance close to the place rather than being dependent on BMI only. People with fat behavior around their brackets are larger than brackets or in any other place more likely to have heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

What to do: Get a failure of measurements and insert it around your horizontal while standing for your shirt. If you are Note that the fat in that area is big, you should have a healthy diet and exercise for the abdomen and the courtyard.

Family history

Family history is a "cause of danger." This means that if you do not, A parent, grandchild, brother-brother, or brother-brother may suffer from stroke, heart attack or other heart disease, you should share this information with your GP, 24 "Health.

What you do: Look at the history of your family and learn about the illnesses that suffer your relatives or suffer. Family history can give your doctor a better look at your potential risks, such as cardiovascular disease in the future.

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