Simple ways to avoid preliminary birth. He realized


Many mothers are scared to think they are a prejudice, It happens for many reasons, which is a great danger for the child to expect the unborn birth before he was born, but there are many ways to help you grow healthy and ready To get to life in a healthy and early way, which we offer you according to the "What to expect" site.

• Leave 18 months between the drink and the other, and the pre-birth rate is significantly reduced if you stay for at least one year, and 18 months appropriately.

• Continue with your doctor: It will help to deal with any hazards for work in advance and make sure your pregnancy is most healthy.

• Smoking, drinking or taking medications that are not prescribed by your doctor or with anxiety of the unhealthy sugar can cause them; continue to work very quickly, and so you should take account of these accounts and control them.

• Continuous increase: Extracting weight loss when you are at risk of diabetes and pre-eclampsia can increase, and both increase the risk of prejudice.

• Acceptance of limestone vitamin: The promotion of this prejudice will help your whole health. Research is & # 39; suggests that folic acid can also be the risk of spreading and pre-eclampsia.

• Every well: Getting all its nutrients; your body needs a good, healthy, healthy diet, not only for a healthier, more periodic, and pregnant women who eat at least five times a day (three foods and two foods) 2) more likely to give birth beforehand.

Drinking water will keep you hydrated enough, which is important because there is a lack of pesticide; means that there are too fast obstacles.

• Your guardian health preservation: Interactive dental care is one of the first prevention lines to prevent prejudice, which may occur as a result of a gum disease, so a & # 39; drain brushes, dental flushes, and visit the dentist at least once at the time of Beannachadh, not just for regular cleaning, but also to take care of any minor problems before they are big.

• Simultaneously, as well as being uncomfortable, can ease the eel, which can be done, It can take the amount on the uterus and its; Barriers ending with the beginning of the work.

Some studies show that women with bacterial vaccinary symptoms and antibiotic medication are lower in risk than those who have not dealt with the problem.

Note: The content of these news was written by the seventh day and does not present the vision of Egypt today, but was taken forward as it is from the seventh day and we are not responsible for the content of news and wellbeing before.

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