Singapore January slides down 10.1%, & # 39; biggest fall in 2 years


SINGAPORE: Ten percent of domestic non-oil export (NODX) dropped in Singapore in January from the senior center over the last year, with information from the Singapore Enterprise trading company on Thursday (17 January).

This lost the 1.6 percent decline of 10 economists in the Reuters vote. This is the biggest loss since October 2016 when 14 per cent exports dropped from an earlier date.

On a seasonal basis, an export dropped 5.7 percent per month in January, following a 4 per cent decline in December due to a reduction in electronic and non-electronic materials.

NODX May 2019

At the average level of three-year-year-old shift, NODX 7.1% decreased in January 2019, following a 1.1 per cent reduction in December 2018. (Image: Singapore Enterprise)

Electronic export dropped by 15.9 per cent anniversary, following a 11.2 per cent reduction in December.

PC, disk and IC media were contracted with 34.3 per cent, 29.2 per cent and 6.8 per cent respectively, and send most to the & # 39; decline in NODX electronically.

Broadband exports expanded 7.9 per cent anniversary anniversary in January, which dropped further from 7.4 per cent. a decline in the previous month.

There were special tools (-32.8%), petrocemicals (-11.8%) and engines and motors without electricity (-40.9%) and a & # 39; most of this decline.

Overall, the main markets were in decline in Singapore in January. They were Jane (-25.4 per cent), South Corra (-31.4 per cent) and Hong Kong (-11.7 per cent) of the most NODX-up people.

A total of 4.3 per cent increase in January 2019, which expanded the 1.6 per cent increase in its number; previous month.

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