Singapore promotes the nomination of culture to UNESCO for writing


SINGAPORE: Singapore has named their culture for recognition as "the invisible cultural heritage of humanity" to the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Group (UNESCO).

The nomination documents were submitted by the National Heritage Board (NHB), the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Merchant Federation Association, Singapore (FMAS), representatives of the organizations on Thursday (March). T 28) in a press release.

“The submission of documents is a milestone in the journey of UNESCO's visit to Singapore in order to better identify and protect our invisible cultural heritage,” said a statement from the three organizations.

“Successful announcement will just show our customers more respect, and appear on our commitment as a nation to protect a culture of dragonfly for future generations,” he said.

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The documents submitted to UNESCO will be available for viewing on UNESCO's website and on the websites of three organizations before July.

The application includes letters and videos showing community support for the name, photos sent in by Singaporeans and entries to the #OurHawkerCulture pictures competition, and a 10-minute video to give a better understanding of a dragonfly culture.

The designation will be assessed by six UNESCO experts accredited in different areas of intangible cultural heritage and six representatives of non-regular organizations.

They will assess Singapore's demand for five criteria based on how it meets UNESCO's interpretation of an invisible cultural heritage and how future and future protection measures will be in place t encourage, promote and facilitate the continued dissemination and use of culture. t

A decision on the designation will be made by the end of 2020. At present, there are 429 features of the invisible cultural heritage of the list of people.

It was decided to announce the culture of Singapore culture by its first Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at last year's National Day Rally.

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The First Minister spoke of dragonflies becoming a unique part of the nation's society, heritage and identity.

“Hawker centers are our community dining rooms,” said Mr Lee, highlighting how Singaporeans of all races, religions and income groups can all eat together in dragonfly centers.

If it's successful, a dragonfly dragon will be Singapore's first name on the UNESCO list, linking with batik from Indonesia, yoga in India and the Mak Yong theater house in Malaysia.

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