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2 WINDOW REVIEWS You can buy their Year & # 39; New Zealand

Last week, more than a billion Chinese people throughout the world celebrated a new new white year. It is a new era in China's New Year when the Chinese clans marry who will give relatives to your relatives and friends. During this festival, why not give yourself a huge chance for yourself?

With that, there are two REITs here that revealed to the market of Chinese property owners who now offer more than 8%.

Sassy airport

Sasseur Real Estate Investment Trust (SGX: CRPU) Ownership of four shopping centers in China. Just listed in March 2018, Sasseur REIT is one of the latest market REITs, but does not allow it to turn off.

Despite its short history as a registered REIT, Sasseur REIT has confirmed that there is a long runway for its & # 39; portal of product moths. All of its four phones were sold up at two-digit levels in the third quarter of 2018, with two centers in particular receiving a huge growth of 91.1% and 60.3%. As SESSur's REIT agreement with its limited manager is & # 39; including a variable lease that is dependent on tenant sales, the REIT can benefit from the sale of sales in its centers.

Well Image: Pixabay.

Product centers also tend to decline in economic decline compared to traditional centers. This is because retailers have a & # 39; The sale of products that have been discounted is a significant reduction that continues to grow even in economies that are increasingly haul. This comforts, in particular a & # 39; Considering the growing growth in GDP China; grow in 2018.

At $ 0.66 each unit, REIT Sasseur's sport produces annual results of 9.5%, a tasty compliment in my book.

E-Z money?

The Very Good World Heritage Estate Investment Trust
(SGX: BWCU) and investment in special buildings in China. In the third quarter of 2018, EC World REIT delivered a 9.0% healthy increase in the distribution of each unit behind which a tax was imposed on its conviction in 2017.

Well Image: Pixabay

EC EC's manager has built a rent lease settlement with most of the main tenants, between 1% and 10% increase in annual sales. This will give rise to regular and obvious organic growth.

Not only does the EC world appear to grow organic, but it is also a financial advantage to find out more. REIT surrender is just 30.7% of the lowest cuts among REITs listed by Singapore, and allows the company to take more debt if construction opportunities arise.

At present EC World also offers it an attractive value. At $ 0.7 per unit, 16% discounted for book value and its output is 8.3%.

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The information provided is for general information purposes only and it is not expected to have personal investment or financial advice. Motley Fool Singapore Assistant Jeremy Chia holds a share of the EC World Real Estate Investment Trust.

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