3 are taken to hospital after your bus can be accessed to a main passenger at Loyang Ave-TPE, News News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – An accident crash between a bus and a passenger at Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Loyang Avenue three injured Saturday nights (February 9).

The Singapore Civil Defense Group (SCDF) reported that the incident at TPE was reported to Tampines Avenue 7 at 9.30pm. Tampines Avenue 7 arrives at the Loinge Avenue on the junction.

Three were taken to the Changi General Hospital with SCDF patients.

Mr Joshua Lim had a Go-Ahead 3 bus service when the accident occurred. He had been standing and listening to music when the bus hit the main passenger.

The main traveler pointed out that the red light when the bus inside the left of his main move, said the 24, said that a windscreen was a # 39; bus to immediately streamline.

"That's the first thing to try to get out of your email as soon as possible as I can see fuel "" It was a breakdown from a broken tank to its main move. "

National University of Singapore student suggested that a number of people could be in front of their mail, and including an old man, keep some of the injuries.

Mr Lim stated that a national full-time training service that had been passed by the bus to help with the main driver of a & # 39; motion, which was lying on the floor and running its rivers.

He asked Mr Lim to call an ambulance. One of the three who has been taken to hospital is not known as the driver.

ST has contacted the police and Go-Ahead for more information.

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