A single mother asks her to look after each other for the recovery of cancer

One mother with cancer that has a deadly death has forced her sons to look after each other.

Tanya Davies, 32, had previously been diagnosed with bowel cancer but was diagnosed with symptoms three months ago.

But last week Asda staff, who have two boys Jack, aged eight, and Ben, 14 have a heart attack for the disease spreading around his body.

Tanya Davies has promised her sons to look after each other (Photo: NCJ Media) t

Asked I just wanted them to promise to always look after each other if anything ever happened to me, 'said Tanya.

She said: ‘I am worried about what might happen to my children if anything is happening. I just want to know they'll be OK. # 39;

Tanya, from Walker, Newcastle, first went to doctors with stomach pains – but X-rays, scans and various blood tests showed that there was nothing wrong.

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Air My dead was torn like I was nine months heavy, 'she said.

I found out I had a stomach blow, but a coat of arms wouldn't stop you going to the toilet. As the days went on, the more pain was there. # 39;

Eventually she moved to beneath the knife and found a tumble surgeon behind her.

Bowel cancer, which affects 40,000 Brits in the UK, is more common in older men and is considered rare in young women.

Asda staff member picked up everything last year (NCJ Media) t

Tanya, who described it as one-in-million, was then sent out through 17 tours of chemo and operations to treat the disease.

She was told just before Christmas that cancer had gone, but since then she has spread to her liver and liver.

• The medical staff have told me how sorry they are, ”she said.

‘I hope to get cured, and start starting chemo but they have stopped looking for healing. I'm amazing to die. # 39;

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In the meantime, two-year-old mother has aimed to memorize memories with her children.

Jack said to me that you have influenced one time, you will hit it twice, 'she said.

Mother's friends launched a fundraising sheet to raise money for their family holidays and broke out the target of £ 500 quickly.

Ach She's just a beautiful, quiet and kind person who wouldn't expect anything from anyone, 'said Tania Armstrong.

The only way we know how to help, and we just want to make it easier for her to suffer. # 39;

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