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Bench Players are going to & # 39; jump to game to bridges by bridge – Game Rant

Anthem have been trying to & # 39; believed since it was launched this month, but one of the main points of fact is that special players face against them; game as a result of falling down. There is so much feeling like that AnthemMany of the effects, especially when it comes to the content of a play, requires it to be a major problem in getting bad weather in the game. A bag grew famous for its splitting Anthem before BioWare was "set", and now fans want the tumor to come back while they are in a while; Complaints about a game system in a boycott.

The boycott was organized on Reddit with its Afinda user, and he wants to worry the players AnthemFalling downfall to halt a & # 39; Play a game from now until March 15. Their commitment has been achieved on its & # 39; mail AnthemYou can change your settings at any time.

The planned boycott is not long, but those involved are hoping to get the point. They hope, even though their & # 39; ticket but for a short time that will cause "damage" Anthem, as the game is responsible for microtransactions to support the living service economy. It is the idea behind him if there are smaller people who play Anthem, BioWare does less of money from the game, and it will be proven to reduce the impact of reducing players to restore players.

Although this boycott is successful or not yet visible. Most of it Anthem It seems that there are no players without knowing that it's even there, and it will just do it; Play game as usual. However, it is possible Anthem Those players may still lose because they have the bad blows, or they can move to other games, such as the upcoming ones Section 2, which focuses on the same audience.

Pride to return Loot Loot changes. Return the Bug and let us taste the Leotshower. Stop playing from 03/11/2015/2015/2015 or 11/03/2015 / 03/2019 to the European. to make Point. Look for what we're just playing with player numbers! from AnthemTheGame

With its poorer review scores and a list of growing constraints, BioWare has up-to-date products when it comes to fruition Anthem since the game was launched. Even the last thing is even a little buzz Anthem Need now, so it's interesting to see if BioWare does not respond to it.

In the meantime, BioWare will definitely try to do it Anthem better experience in trying to turn around his problems around. Whether this goal was achieved or not in time to keep too many people from leaving Anthem still to be seen, however.

Anthem now out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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