Burning Smell in Singapore East Due to Fire at Website at Johor: NEA, Environment News & Highlights

SINGAPORE – The National Environment Agency (NEA) has identified a burning incineration in Singapore east to a fire at Johor landfill.

The spokesman said he was also out to the Department of Environment (Johor), who confirmed on Saturday morning (9 February) that there was a fire at Filling in Bandar Tenggara, in the southeast side of Johor.

"The fire has been shot from 5 February, 2019, and Malay authorities have been working around a block to stop burning it," said e.

NEA confirmed that it has been getting feedback on smell that is missing; Smoking in the east of Singapore from 10pm on Friday.

The winds across Singapore have been blowing from the north east over the next few days; disappeared and are expected to continue for the next day, the spokesman said.

Some bulldogs still smell smell on Saturday morning, according to social media messages.

The smell seems to have returned Friday night, which affects people between 10pm and 3m.

Chandrakanth Kamath Facebook user told the smell again at 11.30pm in Simei that night, and a resident in Tampines said she was thinking at 11pm.

People on social media said this was physically influenced.

On Twitter, the Soshimood user said at 12m: "Haze is spreading east, my eyes are so dry".

Another user said his eyes were lying from the hill.

At 1 out, user Wang Qing Wei tweeted: "Smiling rooms are so bad to the place where I can always feel."

Residents in Paya Lebar also had the same smelting smell at 3m.

According to the NEA website, the PSI had a high Friday night at 68 from 12m to 3m east, in the mixed range.

At 10am on Saturday, reading 60.

Earlier on Friday morning, a strong smell was given to a number of places in east east Singapore, including Tampines, Bedok and Pasir Ris.

On Friday afternoon, NEA said: "We are closely monitoring the quality of the air and we will provide an update on other results or a major change in the quality of air quality."

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