Business Insider 2018 Car of the Year runners-up from Tesla, Ferrari

Engine tested: Single electric motor, producing 217 horsepower; 65 kWh battery pack, with 260 miles per full charge

Base price: $ 46,000 (before tax incentives)

Why it's here: You have to ask? The Tesla Model 3 is the most hotly anticipated automobile in human history. Luckily, the waiting was worth it. The car is absolutely fantastic. We drove in three times in 2018, in both the rear-wheel-drive version and the all-wheel-drive high-performance spec.

In his review of a $ 57,500 Model 3, Matt DeBord enthused, enthused, and enthused some more:

What's really so hypnotically and addictively compelling about the Model 3 is how many great ideas have been crammed into one automobile. This is a car that's absolutely bursting with thought, about the present and the future – and the distant future. Those ideas are overwhelmingly optimistic. Clearly, because it creates no tailpipe emissions, you can buy a Model 3 to feel better about yourself and your life on the environmentally embattled Earth.

But the truly astounding thing is that Tesla, in only about five years of seriously manufacturing automobiles, could build a car this good. That's a staggering achievement.

Wait, did I say good? I meant great.

Hold on, did I say great? Sorry, I meant greatest.

Say hello to the best car money can currently buy.

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