Careers at Real ROCKET RACCOON are going to pass

Still from & # 39; Guardians of Galaxy & # 39;
Belief: Marvel Studios

Mr Oreo Raccoon, the physical, model, and occasional motivation for Marvel Studios & # 39; The Guardians of the GalaxyRocket has died at the age of nine, following a short illness, according to a Facebook post by Oreo Quinta Layla.

Oreo was admitted to showcases from a young age, who was chosen from his rubbish as an actor, because he was the fastest to learn to take a bottle when his mother did not let milk . Thereafter, Oreo became an inspiration for pop-ups known as pop culture (Sad Ranger Rick), a Rocket film.

In addition to life on the set of The Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Oreo was a companion to the battle and team, even accompanied by writer and director of James Gunn for Guardians red tapestry event in 2014.

"Oreo you have made so many lives of happy people. You've been an amazing ambassador for tracks everywhere," reading Quinta Layla in memory of Oreo. "Everyone of all ages and other animals have also loved you and have never gone through anything, walking down their red flag like Rocket Raccoon, a visit to a hospital to visit a sick child or anything else that came on your way. Everything liked and showed it. "

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