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Coming soon: new emosts that foster diverse and diverse culture; emphasizing Conformity, Life and Culture

INTERRACIAL PRACTICES. Cute guy for blind people. Person using a wheelchair.

These were among the new emosis that have been announced today by the Unicode Partnership, the non-priority that is being launched. Provide status for internet text and monitor emojis.

The list – which contains 59 new emosis, as well as changes for 230 options – a & # 39; emphasize agreement. People are able to create emoji "hands" to show their own relationships, and choose skin color and the identity of each individual's sex. Other options that include emojis are available. showing relief aid, stroke members, signage language, cannon or wheelchair.

Many other new symbols include insects, sloth, waffle, baldness, mature face, white heart, sari and one-piece religious swimwear.

In a world where people use emojis to represent everything from marriages to poop, the debate came to a large extent, with an image of the blood door, grow as a new way of talking about menstruation and inspirational imagery leading to scenes about a particular man A small group is small.

But do not expect to see the latest offer on your keyboard yet. That will be more likely to happen later this year.

The Unicode Partnership is the status of the standards for the emoji, and # 39; allows the symbols to translate over the internet. Companies such as Apple and Google have to design emoticons and bring their code into their operating systems, Greg Welch, board member for Unicode, said on Wednesday. New emosys usually come to mobile phones in September or October, Unicode said in the news.

On Wednesday, a representative for Apple said he had a recommendation for Unicode to create emojis access, and said that the new emosis "would promote a diverse culture that includes a" and helping people to express themselves, as well as supporting people of love.

A representative for Google Wednesday said he hoped to release the new emoji designs.

The latest update continues to be & # 39; moving to a more diverse emoji diversity, which began to work hard ago a few years ago when a range of skin fire was introduced. In 2017, Emoji hijab was introduced.

"You see people want red hair or skin and moist and hijab," said Jennifer 8. Lee, who attends a sub-committee emoji Unicode and helped with to & # 39; Find Emojination, a great effort to make emojis more inclusive.

"In many ways, it is how people try to say the word," said Ms Lee, who previously worked as a reporter at The New York Times. "They try to represent themselves in emojiland." Tinder, the daily online app, made an Unicode campaign to represent couples of different races and different clans in the "digital age of digital age".

"There's love in full," said Tinder on her website. "And it's time for international couples to be represented in our general language".

"It's great and historical," said Ken Tanabe, the founder of Love Day, a group that encourages people to celebrate the anniversary of the High Court decision. he agrees to an international marriage.

"You talk about marriages and family start-ups," he said, saying he had heard from people who could not find a wedding cake who was in a position. ; show their relationship and choose to use black and white chess pieces instead.

"Having emoji that is already there, he thinks it's good, we're part of the conversation," he said. "We are part of the community. We are represented in the most part of our life."

Apple has suggested adding emojis for people with disabilities. In a statement, Howard A. Rosenblum, chief executive of the National Deafness Association, was a civil rights organization for deaf and deaf people and was difficult to work with Apple to help with # 39 ; the creation of deaf people and hoped that it would help "raise world-wide awareness of Deaf Culture and its many language signage."

One of the emojis – a guide dog for blind and visually impaired people – offers a fun way for people to go. representing their identity and respect of their dogs in texts and emails, Becky Davidson, who works for Guiding Eyes for Blind, is a group that provides training dogs for people who are blind or sightless.

"Some people may feel they do not want to explain that. And that's their choice and they do not have to use them," she said. "But I think we have many, we love our dogs and we want to show our dogs."

Dogs are an essential part of life for many blind people, so often they often send e-mails from "so and their dog," said Ms Davidson.

But some people prefer to keep the dog name in private, so that others do not use their name; dog and pulling her from her work, she said. The use of a steep dog image would be a means of introducing the dog in conversations without being able to; share specific items.

For Ms. Davidson, he does not use emojis naturally, she said, because She was born blind and he did not know what some of the words are like. But she said she could be doing an exception to have the opportunity to & # 39; Emoji of the nine-year-old yellow lab, Lawson.

"I think it's a kind of idea," she said. Distribution

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