Designated as the best healthy habits for its heart

Skip to main content Opera add-ons Developers Upload extensions / platformsThere is a close relationship between the size of the shirt and the risk of severe growth.

"Golden Five" healthy habits that contribute to active actions; strengthening and strengthening myocardium, which Swedish scientists are experiencing; celebrate. Their arguments about this topic were published in the Archives of Internal Medicine magazine.

First healthy use: eat natural meals. According to experts, it should have food in a food that is not affected by heat cure or only at least. If you follow this situation, most of these materials seem to be – greens, vegetables, fruit, lime. Scientists will confirm that they eat them; gives the group the largest number of these products that have a positive impact on blood vessels and excavations, and their behavior behaviors by copying; reduce cholesterol proportions.

Second healthy habits: control of alcohol consumption. Beyond the body, it's better that it's affecting & # 39; refuse to use alcohol at all appropriate locations. According to scientific data, after 40 years of consuming 350 grams of clean clean every week, expectations will decrease due to the experiences that occur on its. heart for 1-2 years.

The third healthy way to keep it up. There is a close relationship between the size of the shirt and the disease of tough disease, heart disease. In women, the average measure of up to 90 cm, in males up to 100, see If the size of the heat is higher than these levels, only 10 cm, there is a significant risk in health problems.

Fourth healthy exercise of air activity. A walking, a & # 39; dancing, swimming, cycling – more of a life-saving aerobic exercise, which is best for his & her; heart. Scientific data shows that the greatest risk of death is early in relation to cardiovascular disease; affect people who manage unoccupied lifestyle – whether they are tired, tired, or fat.

The fifth healthy habits: to stop Smoking. By typing "cigarettes", you can go to # 39; improving not only on the condition of their heart. According to scientific scientists, tolerant suffers not only muscle muscle cells, but also in the brain, Starting to attack with white blood cells.

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