Enrique and Saul met at a mischievous & # 39; of Gea mistakes, Latest football news

The Spanish coach Luis Enrique and the midfielder of Saul Niguez have been playing on what they are doing. considered to be "unfair" criticism regarding David de Gea.

The warden can not represent his appearance for Manchester United, where he is regarded as one of the best conservators in the world, for La Furia Roja and has failed non- important in national colors.

Most recently, Tin Jedvaj's Uefa Nations League winner for Croatia was defeated 3-2 League A, Group 4 at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb last night.

Speaking ahead of friendship; This morning with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spanish leader Enrique said: "The illness creates the professional life of players and coaches.

"Anyone who does not know how to stay with it will not have a long job.

"You have to accept and analyze it. It's the only way, but it makes you curious when someone is given.

"It's unfair.

"A guardian does not pursue goals as others who carry out that post.

"The keeper does not have the case unless the ball is in …

"De Gea? I'm not going to persecute one player.

"That would be very easy. I will evaluate things in a general way.

"Certainly I will give any of my players a public lawsuit.

"The national team plays differently to United.

"We may work on the psychological side.

"It may have been a great starting point for us, but I will protect all of my players."

According to Opta Sports, from the World Cup in June, Gea has only 45.8% of the 24 scenes that he has sent against Spain to save, and to do it; gutting penalties.

However, Niguez believes that his 28-year-old criticism has gone to her; affecting the whole team.

He said: "When you play as much player as a player, it affects all of us.

"Even if we do:" No, De Gea does not get good to anyone who does not criticize them, they should not be like that. "

"One of the best things in the world is.

"There may be times when you decide to be good or bad, and for me, it's unfair that you're running Gea.

"I do not think it does not have confidence, it shows amazing personality, but what is created, that is not negative, is good for anyone.

"It would be better to change energy and talk about other things.

"If David resolves goals, I do not think it's the loch but everyone, we must pay more attention."

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