Ex- "Bachelor" open up about his personal life

His heart is now free.

Georgian producer Irakli Makatsaria since the project "the Bachelor" fell in love with a lot of women. So to all the celebrities who start to chat with the charismatic, handsome, immediately credited with an affair with him. Irakli decided to openly talk about his personal life.

As recognized by Irakli Makatsaria journalists, now he has a serious relationship and not yet planning a wedding. And time for a personal life, it is likely that the producer does not, because soon the former bachelor can compete for the main Cup in the final show of "dancing with the stars 2018".

Yet near me there is a second half, do not know when I will have the engagement or wedding. You can say anything, and people say. But at this stage nothing serious, with anyone! I swear!
– Irakli Makatsaria admitted.

In addition, journalists did not miss the opportunity to question the producer about collaboration with Tina Karol. The singer was invited guest on the live broadcast of "Dancing with the stars". Under a terrific singing Ukrainka Irakli and his partner Yana Zaets danced sensual contemp. Before the release of the project, the producer did not keep his enthusiasm from Tina Karol, that made me think about love men.

"I have great respect for Tina as an artist, as genius, I had the great honor of dancing a very beautiful contemporary under her live singing. I think that the audience liked it! Tina – my respect! But my sympathies remain only in the professional plane! "- added Irakli Makatsaria.

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