Exclusive: Ji Hoon Shines Park At Solo Solo Championship with Support from Wanna One Members

Park Ji Hoon has taken the first step to fans as a single artist!

On 9 February, he started the Asian tournament in the "First Edition" at the Grand Peace Palace of the Grand Kyung Hee in Seoul. The event was very high, with around 7,000 tickets for the two types of scenes when sold in one minute.

The people went in as the Ji Hoon Park opened the exhibition with a powerful dance cover and a slip of "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran.For the first time, Park Ji Hoon welcomed fans as they did; May, the name of his recent fan club. Regarding the title of the followers' title "First Print," he said, "As the first edition of a magazine or album, it means that this is a # 39; first thing and my beginning. "

Leading MC Park Kyung Rim, he then gave some time to answer questions about a humorous quiz that the fans had entered. One of the four query questions showed and asked what was not edited, and there was a picture of it & # 39; removing his show at Wanna One's final show.

When Kyung Rim Park asked about the effort he had put into his river, he said, "I was trying hard. I did not drink water; Starting the previous day. I walked after the previous day's concert and I did not drink water until I finished at the next concert, "and saying that he has worked out on the day, a great deal in preparation.

The musicians asked him to see her again, and he promised to do so after further progress. "I can not tell you the correct date, because it would not be fun."Throughout the section "Save Editing," Park Ji Hoon paid for amazing moments since then and sent out with the help of cartoons and velvettes.

About his famous sheep from "Representing the Season 2 Season 2," he said, "I felt that I had to do it to live," and said he did not think he would be so big.Then Ji Hoon Park continued with Wanna, "Wanna," shows and showed that it was one of the best songs of their organization's tracks, as well as its. unit "11." unit Despite this being the first time he composed the songs itself, filling the platform with most people.

After that, he released his first performance of "Young20", a new series made by Lee Dae Hwi. Park Ji Hoon also participated in writing the words.

In terms of how it was like to work with Lee Dae Hwi in the studio, he said, "Dae Hwi is a perfectionist and knows what he wants. He will continue until He is completely satisfied with the results. " Someone Wanna One, Yoon Ji Sung, Jin Young Bay, and Kim Jae Hwan then made an amazing look. The three of them, as well as Park Ji Hoon, were often black-haired, but they did not. keep out that they were not planned. Park Ji Hoon said, "It's because our hearts are always one."

The three guests won their insights on Park Ji Hoon Jewelry and decided with warm messages to him.

Jin Young Bay began, "Be always happy with May, and I hope you can always be a vitamin that will always make a meal. I enjoyed it acting and always laughing with me. The cry because Mays are now on your side. "

Follow Yoon Ji Sung onwards, "I am very grateful to be part of this special and happy day and I'm delighted to have this happening event with May. With everything that Ji Hoon begins from now on, he's feeling a lot of burden, he needs a lot of confidence, and he has problems. I think Ji Hoon gets a lot of strength and Work hard if May is walking with Ji Hoon at every step of the way. There are not many people who think of fans as well as Ji Hoon. I hope you have a long time with Ji Hoon for a long time. "

Kim Jae Hwan started his message to look around at the audience that was sold and saying, "Ji Hoon, you're really amazing. After the final concert, I broke and so it was even very difficult to install today. Come here and see today, it's a different kind of emotion, and it's cool. "He watched the whole population again and said," This is amazing. You are an incredible child. There is so much of people there, "bringing laughter from fans.

Rim Park Kyung said he was the second show of the day, and he said again that he said, "This is the second show? Wow, two shows. You're really amazing," and caught hold of the listeners.

Kim Jae Hwan decided, "My birthday is also in May," and Jin Young Bay raised his hand to share his birthday in May, and said, "I am May. "

When Yoon Ji Sung was asked about his birthday with the MC, he replied, "Do I need to change my birthday? It's in March."

The three then left Park Ji Hoon and welcomed fans when they walked off the platform.

Park Ji Hoon went on to "Hide and Seek" at Wanna One, explaining that fans had wanted to hear a song.

As the exhibition came to an end, he shared his plans in the future. "I'm planning to show a different side of my own. I'm taking drama lessons, and I'm preparing to showcase different genres. "

Park Ji Hoon built along fans with a huge cover of "Show Your Number." At Taemin.

After the followers' meeting, Park Ji Hoon self-promoted at the event and wrote, "I like you, May."

Yoon Ji Sung also put pictures taken by the supporter of Jin Young Bay and Kim Jae Hwan at the meeting with the title, "The only thing we ever meet wherever we meet."

Park Ji Hoon will now continue to continue; "First Edition" fans tour throughout Asia in places such as Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Macau, and Tokyo.

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