Facebook is a software search tool to explore who is in a position; live with you


Facebook is a software search tool to explore who is in a position; live with youSan Francisco, November 18 (IANS) Despite being & # 39; Watching personal data for millions of its recent users recently, Facebook is a? Try to paint a software that can help to build a user's homepage – the number of people in the home, the interests they are doing; share, nature of their relationships or even the tools they use.

The software, which could be used to target advertising, postage images to Facebook or Instagram, can be reported on The Times Times Friday.

An online system that leaves user housing features – housing size and demographic participation – a & # 39; Provides better and targeted content delivery to the user and the client's family, according to the patent application.

To help you to verify what people are experiencing; live in the same home, the software may look at how often pictures are tagged together and at the subtitles of the pictures, he said.

"Without knowing such features on the user's housing features, most of the content items that are sent to the user are customized to the user and are not released "said the petitioner, which was last recorded last year and was released on Thursday.

Facebook could also include "posts, updates, status, friendship, message history, history of tagging" and web browser history to profile family or family, to which the report was added.

The proposed online system is a & # 39; Try to implement one or more modules that have been trained and use deep learning methods to create pre-eminence.

"For example, an image model for image analysis that identifies all that is displayed in the user's images; a text-based training textile and family member's relationship information from the person's profile data licenses and tags related to the pictures, "said the application.

These words could, therefore, be available to third parties that want to "content" to users, he said.

Facebook added to The Los Angeles Times that does not apply for a & # 39; patent which means that it needs to be built or used.

About 29 million Facebook bills were cut in September.

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Facebook is a software search tool to explore who is in a position; live with you

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