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Food Many of the eggs that are attached to heart disease

A new report binds eggs at increased risk from heart disease. The results follow a number of earlier studies to find healthy eating of eggs generally.

Network JAMA opened the new report in March. It links data from six previous inspections. It shows that there was a 6% rise in heart disease when the average number of eggs eaten each day rose by half an egg.

Norrina Allen, who wrote the report, is a joint professor in medicine at Feinberg Medical School at Northwestern University in Chicago.

She told Reuters news service that eggs, in the United States, are one of the highest stores cholesterol there a human diet. Individuals with higher cholesterol levels in their diet are at an increased risk for the development of heart disease later in life, she said.

However, Allen told her that she wouldn't say eggs are totally unhealthy.

"I do not application people have them out of their diet, ”she said. “I am just recommending that people eat them in joint evaluation. ”

The Allen team analyzed data collected from six inspections which included a total of 29,615 people. Earlier researchers had listed these individuals for an average of 17.5 years. At first, the people answered questions about the foods they ate. But they were not asked about their diet at any time after that.

Over time there were 5,400 a blood vesselany related events. This included 2,088 heart and non-fatal heart events and 1,302 deadly and fatal. stroke events. It also involved 1,897 deadly and fatal heart failure events and a further 113 deaths from cardiovascular disease.

After analyzing the data, the Allen team found the link between an egg wear as reported at the start of the audit and at the risk of developing heart disease. As their egg rose, this caused a risk.

Some experts think the new survey does not confirm that eggs cause heart disease.

Cholesterol work has been discussed in developing heart disease for more than 30 years, Dennis Bruemmer said. It is a centerpiece of the Crypt and Spring Institute, and a professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Bruemmer said that a number of previous studies have attempted to quantify how much cholesterol is in a person's overall diet coming from eggs. Each one has produced different results.

“This inspection has clear barriers, including self-commenting at the time,” he said. “This is hindering validity. ”

The eggs contain lots of cholesterol – about 200 milligrams. That is the recommended maximum daily measurement under current guidance.

Bruemmer said, “The eggs seem to be reasonably appropriate from a nutritional point of view.” Moderation, said, “usually less than one egg each day, entails eggs. food like bread.

Holly Andersen agrees that “real constraints” are being explored. ”She is a heart and educational director at Heart Ronald O. Perelman Institute at the New York-Presbyter / Weill Cornell Institute.

Andersen's theme with the study showed that many egg-eating people in the survey also ate a lot of fruit and meat on the processing.

“If you have a lot of meat processed, it doesn't really matter how many eggs you eat,” Andersen said.

Andersen, the visual survey, also says that it can only show a link between egg consumption and heart disease. However, eggs cannot confirm the underlying cause of the disease. It might just be that people who eat a lot of eggs are also taking a lot of it hamaAndersen said.

I'm Pete Musto.

39. Linda Carroll told this story for Reuters' news service. Pete Musto changed it for VOA Learning English. Ashley Thompson was the editor. We want to hear from you. How many eggs does the average person eat in your country? Write to us in our Comments Section or on our Facebook page.


Words in this story

cholesteroln. materials found in human or animal bodies

applicationv. Support or argument for a reason or policy

in joint evaluationn. in a way that is reasonable and not excessive

a blood vesselnext to. is associated with the heart and blood vessels

stroken. a serious illness caused by a sudden and obstructed brain injury in your brain. t

wearn. eating or drinking something

validityn. quality to be true or correct

haman. thin strips of salted and smoked meat from a side and back of a pig

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