He left pictures of his first Roadster Saab trip


Обнародованы дебютные фотографии родстера от SaabRoadster Road can be seen as a special wind turbine bend.

Auto wanted to show, regardless of the likelihood of a modern Roadster from the manufactured from Saab-Suain. At the end, it was a "classic", designed on the Saab platform.

So, the expert and designer Nikita Chuiko from the Force Feachdal h. – Jim Wheels.ru showed how Roadster was created on a "cart" from BMW Z4 from the Saab company who forgot. The author explained that his designs base was to the 9-5 and 9-4X car. Looking at the product, we can say that the car would be very attractive.

The Saab Roadster appears to be the outside of a special precaution of wind turbine, light and light design; trapezoidal crew. A look back on the design solutions of the latest models of manufacturers from the Czech Republic. Also in the outside there are lightweight fabrics, made in the reactive woodland style of flies.

You think the technical part was shared on loan from the German BMW case. If that happened, the Saab would be the first model in its history; brandy with back wheel drive system and six-cylinder unit. But this is just a Russian expert expert design design.

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