He was in the public interest; to find a criminal history which the son of Lee Lee sent to find out: Shanmugam

SINGAPORE: It was in "a public interest" that the policeman Mr Li Yipeng's eldest son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, would tell of the crime history of last year's visit, wrote by the Minister for Home Affairs. T K Shanmugam his response. to a question in Parliament on Monday (1 April).

This was to enable the police to provide “greater definition and background” about why officers were examining the matter. Mr Shanmugam said the public could "have a misunderstanding of police activity" unless the police took out their security responsibilities.

A police report was submitted last year following videos coming into the social media of Mr Lee's son, which was offered to him on a tour of private cars on March 15. In the video, we hear t the driver often asks Mr Li about his identity, his address of residence. and security arrangements.

Police division of the human history in their media reports.

Mr Shanmugam from Sylvia Lim's Member of Parliament Staff Member has been asked about the rules and guidelines that have been established to ensure that authorities and the media do not publish prejudicial information about suspicions of ongoing investigations.

Ms Lim also asked if “what had been previously recorded with criminal history and out of court” of the one who was uploaded truthfully by the police was revealed by police or public bodies or an official. T and, if so, Carson.

“When the media asked them, the police confirmed these. The Minister for Home Affairs gave instructions to the police to tell the story of the first person, without stating his name, "Mr Shanmugam explained in his written response.

“It was in the public interest that the police gave an explanation and more information as to why they were examining the matter.

“If the police have not expressed their security concerns, the public may not understand why the police are investigating the matter, and even understand the police's actions.

“It was important to provide relevant and specific information to the public, to maintain public confidence in the police force.”

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Mr Shanmugam said he was available in criminals' instruments, including the previous conviction in 2014 for the vehicle without the owner's consent under the Road Traffic Act.

It also included offenses of driving a motor vehicle without insurance, for third party risks under the Motor Vehicles (Third Party Risks and Compensation) Act.

The man was also warned for aft in a dwelling in 2002 and a report was made against him for abolishing an offense in 2014, the minister wrote in his response.


Mr Shanmugam admitted that decisions taken by the police on what information may be "governed by current legal requirements".

“With social media growth, public bodies will also need from time to time to distribute information faster than they were,” he said.

“It may not always be possible to wait for or start a trial, a process which can take a week or month to complete, before releasing relevant facts to the public.

“When the police think that it is necessary to disclose information earlier, they will, but at the same time, ensure that they do not harm any investigations or legal proceedings. T "

Mr Shangam divided more information about the event in his response.

He said the car that the driver had driven to was not allowed to share, and the riding company Grab had terminated the contract for the person in November last year. T drove a car without a proper deck and suspect it was under suspicion.

Unrecognized by the driver Mr Li, who was waiting for a taxi to take snow, he decided to build it, the minister said.

"Mr Li is a vulnerable person. It is public knowledge that Asperger's syndrome is outside Mr Li's type of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that has problems provision of social interaction and non-verbal communication, which is causing [him] With poor vision, ”said Mr Shanmugam.

“By leaving John's case, it is very difficult when anyone needs an adult, vulnerable adult or child, who will put that person in such circumstances,” he said.

"The owner of Mr Li put him in a uncomfortable situation, presumably made the scene, made a film of it, and then spread it."

The police were concerned about Mr Li's security, Mr Shanmugam said.

"The man re-iterated on Rochalie Drive, and stressed the Mr Li about the security arrangements at home PM. The questions he asked asked that he already knew of Mr Li's identity, said the minister.

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