"Here we go breaking up with you": Loboda spoke about personal loss, the fans are very worried


Between the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda and soloist Rammsten by Till Lindemann's over? It started? Fans have puzzled over a troubling message to the ex-VIA gra in her Instagram. Loboda posted a black and white photo with one of his speeches with the caption: "Here we go breaking up with you, closing at heart's door. You become again the dream and my biggest loss. "

Obviously, this is a quote from the new songs Loboda – INSTADRAMA, which refers to the separation of the couple, where they just remain virtual friends to each other in the popular social network. But the singer said that this song is for her – too personal. And in light of recent events and rumors about her affair with Till Lindemann, and the fact that the till came to pick her up from the hospital and took the hand, and the confessions of the till that he wants a family and does not believe in love, there is reason to suspect that the Lindemann still threw Ukrainian mistress. Although the eldest daughter Loboda has the same decoration as the till, and the youngest, and is named in honor of the leader of Rammstein – Tilde, obviously, between a pair of not so smooth. It is believed that this whole mess with Lindemann Loboda brewed for public relations and divert attention from his real personal life, and now it's time to turn off the legend. But it is not excluded that till really again becomes a unattainable dream.

As previously reported Znayu 55-year-old thill declared himself disappointed in love. He noted that regular family life is not for him, and those who are looking for love are fools. Loboda, despite the shocking image, reaches out to the family and comfort, and Lindemann, by his own admission, wants to "get things moving". That's not meant to be. likely and could be a stunning pair of feminine and graceful Svetlana and the brutal Rammstein vocalist with power and sorrow in her eyes.

Lindemann said that the family did not need. With age, he is drawn to movement and freedom, and measured up a family deprived of its inspiration.

"With age I want more of the movement. Boring family life is not for me, I do not want to say that family life is something bad, just that I very early became a father, I have two daughters, I could not enjoy my youth to the fullest. Now I, as a teenager, I want to get things moving – jumping, jump. The children grew up, everything was settled – a house, a dog, "said thill.

As previously reported Znayu Loboda for conspiracy wore the wig and went to the Lindemann, but the fans still exposed.

Recall, Loboda till and fled to a secret rendezvous, but the fans saw it all.

We also wrote that the eldest daughter Loboda on the neck – the same decoration as Tilla. Daughter gave mom a new love in Instagram singer.


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