Huawei and Xiaomi are actively increasing their profile. Increasing the smartphone sector

Huawei и Xiaomi активно наращивают долю на рынке смартфоновSales rises in cash terms.

The Company's International Data Company (IDC) has published quarterly statistics on the spread of mobile phone in the EMEA (Europe, including Russia, the Middle East and Africa) .

In the third quarter of this year, there were 89.0 million of smartphone mobile devices in the EMEA department. This is 4.8% less than last year's yield, when the sale was equivalent to 93.5 million units.

At the same time, sales have risen in financial terms with more than 10%, and reach $ 29.8 billion.

The biggest player in the EMEA Samsung market is 26.8 million smartphones sold and a 30.1% share. The previous year, the South Jersey company made 33.6% of the business.

Strengthening the position of Chinese providers. So, secondly, Huawei has placed 17.2 million smartphones over three months, increasing its department in annual terms from 11.9% to 19.3%.

Aplan with 12.5 million iPhone was sold for "Bronze". The share of the company for the year came from 14.2% to 14.0%.

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