Humbled Goldman Sachs has questions about 1MDB

NEW TRANSACTIONS: Goldman Sachs's decision-making is a prospect that could be cut for senior activists across the 1MDB screen showing progress at stakeholder and public separation over a & # 39; banned.

The prestigious flagship flag announced last week that he could store millions of dollars in bonus to the former Chief Executive of Lloyd Blankfein and two other appointees; leave depending on what & # 39; The impact of the ongoing reviews into the Malaysian property.

The bonuses were first approved in 2011 and the annual payments are dependent on the company's performance over the next eight years. In the Blankfein case, the bonus started at US $ 7 million and almost doubled, according to US journals.

In addition to the awards, Goldman also said that he could pay money back from current executive David Daot and two other senior officers, president John Waldron and chief finance officer Stephen Scherr.

Solomon received $ 23 million last year, which included $ 15.4 million in stock options.

The headman of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, is among the chiefs of his company who would, see compensation

Chief executive of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, is among the chiefs of the company whose compensation can be repaid in accordance with audits over 1MDB AFP / Matt Winkelmeyer

The bonus statement was expressed as a messenger for disagreeable shareholders on how the coronary scandal has pulled up the image of its bank at a time when it works to a banking business build habits through Marcus's online platform, according to two who are familiar with the case.

The board of directors asks owners to know that it is not blind to the situation's problem, one of the sources said, saying the message did not mean to be & # 39; get wrong.

In addition to Solomon, who is also a chairman, Goldman's 13-member board includes the president of ArcelorMittal, Lakshmi Mittal.

Experts say that Goldman Sachs could have a fine of $ 2 billion in a criminal case related to 1MDB.


In January, Solomon put the promise into Malaysia over the screen and the partnership of the former partner Goldman, Tim Leissner, who was guilty of breach of anti-laws -bibbing and US glacier.

A Solicitor's statement showed a tone from a Blankfein man, who said that when the financial crisis in 2009 was "doing the work of God" in a & # 39; help companies build capital.

The US authorities have been the case of Malay's financial intermediaries, Low Taek Jho, along with Leissner and another Goldman banker, Ng Chong Hwa, trying to be in a position. cleaning billions of dollars from 1 British Development Market, landowner finances established for the development of the country South West Goldman paid £ 600 million in taxes and income from 1MDB band business.

US officials will maintain more than $ 2.7 billion in cash to bankruptcy and sobbies.

The specific questions facing Goldman Sachs include publications that are going on with a & # 39; Their first business with 1MDB to fund energy supply plants of US $ 1.75 billion despite being warned by Lazard's competitive bankruptcy was the case; look suspicious, according to the source.

Also, the share of the business bank shareholder with Low Taek Jho, although rejected in 2011, has opened its account because it did not; Bank officials can decide the rationale of their wealth, a person who was aware of his / her case; tell AFP.

"Goldman Sachs's dedication efforts have dropped away," said Richard Bove, Capital Capital analysis and as he was often an observer of Goldman.

"If you're going to raise more than $ 6 billion for someone you know better about everything you know about that."

The three items were handed over to bank & bank investors for Asia and worldwide, 1MDB had to pay a larger tax because 1MDB had a federal loan against Saddling Goldman with all dangers, said a source.

Goldman refused to mention and Lazard did not respond to comments.

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