Information from Amber Heard ill-treated by Johnny Depp in response to his $ 50M Lawsuit

Amber Heard she asks a judge to refuse to marry her old married man Johnny Deppit has been reputed to have the $ 50 million million, and has been analyzing domestic abuse with it.

Last month, the 55-year-old daughter The Caribbean pirates a star messed up the actor 32 years after she had written it Washington Post who reports herself as a victim of domestic abuse. He has turned down his charges, which she first made when she was registering for divorce in 2016 to complete their marriage for 15 months.

Heard moved to try to deny Depp's trial in Virginia on Thursday. Her papers detail a number of times when the actor said that the woman who had struck her was swept it, threw it and threw her glass bottles or broke it. hair. She adds that during one event in the East and Oriental Express, Depp chose the wall.

"I remember being afraid that Johnny is worried when he will stop, and that he may kill me," she wrote.

She said that she would be completely different and very lenient and violent, saying, "We've called Johnny on that name; the Monster."

Her documents include photographs of her sports slopes, images of damage to property she is responsible for Depp, photographs of text messages about the events and parts of her divorce / dissolution deposit, t which contains the abuse.

"Johnny Depp abuse his speech and spoke with Amber Heard," said his lawyer in a statement. “Since the dissolution / annulment, Mr Depp continued to harass Ms. Heard public, and tried to light the world by destroying abuse. It is difficult that the judge will interfere with Ms Depp's last attempt at Ms Depp, but Ms. Depp will accept her. Heard everything necessary to prove the truth. "

In Depp's law, the actor says that Heard was the only person to physically remove him. In his answer, the actor admits he is pushing it, once to protect his sister, who was visiting their home, as the actor was said to be working hard.

Depp's lawyer said in E! Fridays, "Amber Heard is the only way to be taking to a new branch."

"Despite the failure of today's appeal, that's the only time I ever hit Johnny to have published pictures, with commenting of current stamps, which we sent out. T she certainly inquired of several events of violence against Mr Depp, including: tossing pins taking him to his head before witnesses, giving In front of him he met him when they were alone and kicked the door of his head when he was kneeling, "said the lawyer. "And this is part of the recorded violence and other abuse suffered by Mr Depp, including his branch in March 2015, just before Ms. Heard returned to LA. bossed in Mr Depp's house with Elon Musk.

On legal action, Depp got involved in crying with him Elon Musk a month after they got married. The Tesla founder has said that he and the actor started to see each other just after the couple's marriage was over.

Law of Depp's law is added, "Musk first appeared at Mr Depp's house in a short time after Ms. Heard threw body bottles in Mr. almost the brutal member of staff. 'suffered in Mr Depp's keyboard on his right and broke the bones. Mr Depp's marriage to Ms Heard would end in May 2016. "

—According to Alli Rosenbloom and Spencer Lubitz

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