Investigating the other suspects of Sheungri Mediating Prostology Services

The police have launched an inquiry into the suspicion of Hungarian services of a sexual species working for foreign owners.

On 10 April, JTBC's "Newsroom" said Seung had organized a prestigious Gangnam-based restaurant on December 2015 to host foreign visitors and provide prostitution services for guests. T .

Following information about this, the police began to investigate to establish whether the charges were valid.

A member of staff in the restaurant started investigating the restaurant shortly after the arrival of Seungri's outbreak in March. When JTBC asked if Seungri had kept the first and second floors of the restaurant, the worker replied, “He kept a large room on the second floor. ”

The police think the group is sitting in the restaurant and then moved to a high level for sexual services.

A police well said, “We have had a Seungri party record from that day.” T

The police are looking to see if the women were present at the restaurant first, and the number and identity of those who attended.

Seungri's solicitor said the police have investigated these allegations by saying they are not true.

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