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It took the names of women as the lady leaving Tokyo

PARIS: Carlos Ghosn, the leader of the stolen Nissan, says that he names the people he thinks he is falling in Japan, said his wife. the interview on Sunday (April 7) as she escaped from Tokyo out of her fear of arrest.

Fox who later arrested last year in the Japanese capital over new allegations of financial behavior which I see in capturing at least April 14.

Addressing the journal Journal Dim Dimanche in France, his wife Carole gave details of the latest couples in the remarkable saga, saying that Gosn had recorded a video interview in English before they sent. custody.

"He names the people who are responsible for what has happened to him. He owns the lawyers. He will be released shortly," she said to the newspaper.

Carole said she had escaped from Tokyo on a trip to Paris – with the support of the French ambassador to Tokyo – because she was "feeling at risk."

Despite the fact that the Japanese authorities had backed the Lebanese passport, Carole said she was able to use her passport in America to fly a plane and that an ambassador was allowed to fly the plane. in the airport with her.

"He never left me to the plane," she explained. "Up to the last second, I didn't know if it was going to let me go. It was surreal."

The French ambassador's role could lead to a new strain between the countries over the very fragile issue, which includes Reniss, a former Nissan and French car manufacturer. by Ghosn.

A Japanese news channel, NHK, said a mob in Tokyo wanted to ask Carole a question.

There are other reports in Japan that says researchers are looking out for allegations that it may have changed money badly damaged by Joe through a business run by his wife.


Carole hopes to put pressure on the French government to do more for her husband who had been imprisoned in Japan between 19 and 19 having left a 'different person' in an interview t produced.

The French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, said on Saturday, that he had raised his concerns with the Japanese worker Taro Kono on the lines of chance from foreign foreign ministers at Dinard.

Le Drian said he had "reminded him of connecting him that they were innocent and full of concerted defense rights."

Japanese authorities are looking at new allegations that Ghoson has brought over some $ $ 15 million in the Nissan fund between the end of 2015 and mid 2018 to an army in Oman.

They are suspected of getting about $ 5 million of these funds for use by Gos, including the purchase of luxurious skates and personal investment funds.

Prosecutors say that "Gosen has caused her duty" not to cause Nissan to be "to gain for himself."

No, the charges are expelled. No, the charges are fixed and he notes that he has not been guilty of two charges for his salary. Two expenses to suspend his salary and to cut off the charge. in official shareholders' documents, and other charges relating to loss of investment.

The former man to be seen as the most powerful in the global car industry told him a French channel TF1 last week that he was a "innocent man and an innocent man" t and he promised to “defend myself to the bitter end”.

And he rebuked that he would not be given a fair hearing in Japan with the guilt for around 99% of the tests.

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